Your vehicle’s brake system has one job – to stop your vehicle. To bring a vehicle to a halt, three things are necessary: leverage, hydraulic force and friction

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Pride in Ownership

As the owner of a great used car, you know what it means to experience pride in ownership. Part of that pride is making sure that you are consistently servicing your used car and doing it right. With so many options and different recommendations out there, how do you know what you need to do to keep your car in impeccable shape? Find out some run-of-the-mill, but important, things you can do to maintain your car by following the tips below.

Regular Scheduled Maintenance

First things first. Bringing in your car for regular service check-ups is the key to unlocking a pristine vehicle. When you’re consistently servicing your used car with us, you’re getting the highest quality service and products available. This will enable your car to run in tip-top shape and without any unnecessary bumps in the road.

Tire Check & Rotation

When you’re servicing your used car, don’t skip out on a regular tire check and rotation. As the only part of your car that has impact with the road, they wear out quicker than almost any other piece of equipment on your vehicle. Regularly rotating your tires and keeping the right amount of air inflated inside will boost your fuel efficiency and keep the wear and tear to a minimum.

Oil & Fluid Maintenance

As the main part of your vehicle service, consistently changing your oil is vital to the pristine maintenance of your car. Changing your oil isn’t the only important aspect, however. Selecting from our top-of-the-line, synthetic oils can keep your car running better, longer and gives you the performance that you crave.